Spinners of Natural Fiber since 1898

Located in Springvale, Maine

This company is a joy to work with.  This business has been owned and run by a single family since 1898.  All the the employees are all enthusiastic about the yarn they make.  

This small spinning facility is located in a quaint New England town.  You feel like you've stepped back in time, seeing the equipment that is lovingly cared for in producing the yarn.  However, they have invested in modern equipment where it makes a difference in quality.   On a recent tour, I saw how they have a sensor to automatically scan for any imperfections in singles yarn (before plying), and automatically break, correct and resplice to ensure a perfect single.   Jaggerspun treats their wool and silk yarns with care to avoid any damage to the fiber.  Their steam room is set at 180 degrees farenheit and yarns enjoy this sauna for an hour as opposed to the normal industrial method of a fast visit to an autoclave.

LoftyFiber is lucky enough to very close to this operation and all that wonderful yarn...


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ZephyrCone 4/8 - Daffodil

Wool-Silk Worsted Weight

Zephyr Wool-Silk 4/8 50 gram

Worsted Weight 4/8

Zephyr Cone 4/8

Wool-Silk Worsted
From $77.52

Zephyr Cone 2/18 - Daffodil

Wool-Silk Laceweight

Zephyr Cone 2/18

Wool-Silk Laceweight
From $77.52

Zephyr 50-Gram Skeins 2/18

Lace Weight Wool-Silk
From $11.48

Zephyr 2/18 50gm Admiral

Laceweight 50% Silk 50% Wool